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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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just when you thought we had this one, the yankees have an unbelievable bottom of the 9th 9th. we're live with coverage from yankee stadium. >> it's a cooldown. we'll have the latest coming up. >> she was waking up every two to three hours because she couldn't breathe. >> baby won't sleep? did you ever consider childhood sleep apnea? another nail biting ionogram three between our amazing os and the yankees. let's check out with jamie costello, he begins our team coverage. we're in the 12th right? >> 12th inning. unbelievable. here are we are two outs away
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from going into a game four. here's what happened. we had three rooks about to beat the kings. i'm going to bring in christian schaffer because i have to bounce it off of somebody. >> 2-1 bottom of the 9th. >> amazing performance. he should be pleased with himself. >> a-rod, the major league was highest paid player. >> jim johnson left the ball up a little bit and he didn't miss it. he's a professional hitter. the baseball gods are fickled. and just when the orioles thought they were up now they're down like a punch to the gut. now we're in the 12th inning. look, fans got here today. they were excited and looking forward to something and they are seeing a great game.
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>> orioles magic has made it's way to the -- it's its way to the bronx. buckling up for a tight game there was even some orange and black in the front row. >> reporter: these fans took a bus from baltimore to the game. >> it's been all year long [ indiscernible ] the playoffs here in yankee stayedthem. >> you couldn't paz -- stadium. >> you couldn't pass it up. >> a spark in the city and we're excited. >> reporter: this guy flew in from st. louis to see his birds and he has some time before he goes home, so he's here. >> we dreamt about the orioles making the playoffs, the fact they're here, meant i had to
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get back here at all costs. >> reporter: this is what the city -- >> this is what i fought for. what every fan has fought through through 15 years. this is how much fun baseball could be. -- can be. >> it had been fun up until the 9th when they gave us the home run to tie the game. the orioles have been so good in extra innings all year long. before the game, at six, we talked about who you think might be big, and i said jim tomey. he's up this inning. >> up until the 9th inning this crowd was like -- >> the new york public library. it was quiet in there. what a night of baseball we're watching. >> reporter: fans, what you did on monday and tuesday set the tone. no way did this yankee crowd come close to a fever pitch. what a road trip it's been for
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miguel gonzalez. he's on baseball's biggest stage with his california high school coach sitting in the stands. >> i'm fired up watching him and talking to him earlier today. it's special. >> reporter: lots of orange in the stands. one man couldn't find the words. because he doesn't speak english. he's >> well i hope he gets the win tonight. again we're tied up 2-2 in the top of the 12th inning. it's been an the creedable night. -- thecreedablee night. -- incredible night. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed here. for everything orioles check out our web site. we have a live blog following each step of each game and for
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some amazing fan photos just head to a people who live on south ridge grant drive in glen burnie say that men wearing ski masks and guns forced they way into their home. the victims say that five men were involved. the victims also say one of them knew at least one of the men who broke in. police are still looking for the other four. no one was hurt. a family still dealing with the death of their precious 13- year-old daughter won't get the justice they hoped for. their daughter was shot by two boys playing with the gun and her body dumped in a pile of trash. we have learned the state attorney's office will not charge officer john ward because police say the gun didn't belong to him. ward will remain an
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administrative leave. >> as a mother, the thought of an officer -- the thought of the allegations -- it's hard to imagine the pain that that would cause that family. >> two boys were sentenced back in may, ages 12 and 13. one is serving six months in a juvenile center and the other is being montterred. >> -- monitored at home. >> we had a couple spotty showers out over carroll and that has diminished we expect a myrof stars and -- mixture of stars and clouds through the evening. 54 as of eleven olock. some terms -- o'clock.
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40s overnight and then a cool morning. 40s, 30s over parts of chicago and that's heading in our direction. it's chilly tomorrow also going into friday. >> thanks, mike. she was elected to represent maryland voters, but tiffany austin has had that privilege revoked. today they recommended suspending the delegate without pay or benefits. she was found guilty in june by using $800 in state money for personal expenses. religious leaders from all different faiths gathered for a common message to vote yes on four at the polls.
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♪[ music ] in song and prayer students and supporters of the dream act joined forces with some of the most prominent religious community leaders. members of the central maryland ecumenical county supported voters to support the dream act because they say it's fair and we'll all benefit in the end. >> a fair measure who allows men and women who have worked hard, who speak our language and called this land our home to be able to realize their full god-given potential. the maryland dream athisn't just a -- isn't just a matter of compassion and opportunity. it's also a wise the investment for our state. >> to learn more about the dream act as well as the candidates in the upcoming election, head to
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more maryland residents are sick as a meningitis outbreak towns to spread. a nine -- continues to spread. people have been panicking even without symptoms. >> we just trying to make sure that we balance this whole thing in terms of risk and benefits. that we balance the safety, but at the same time we don't go hysteric and give them unnecessary tests and unnecessary medications. >> the outbreak is linked to a series of injections from a massachusetts company. if you've gotten one of these shots, you need to call your doctor and find a list of the local impacted clinics on when you think of sleep apnea, you probably think of adults.
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but doctors say that even toddlers can get the sleep disorder. >> reporter: rely ortiz remembers the night she woke up to her child snoring. she also noticed jacqueline coughing and gasping for air. >> >> when you're not breathing your oxygen level goes down. even small dips in oxygen can cause problems particular to the developing brain. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics say that childhood sleep apnea is extremely common and more cases are popping up across the country, typically in children between ages 2 and 6. >> large tonsils and adenoids are the major risks.
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>> reporter: another major risk is emerging, obesity. >> it is in the neck and structures around the air way, so it can have a compressive effect. >> reporter: they recommend that pediatricians screen interest the disorder -- screen for the disorder and that pediatricians learn symptoms. >> they may have trouble with attention span, focus, concentration. >> reporter: he believes the condition is often misdiagnosed with adhd. >> a sleep study revealed that she had 90% blockage. >> reporter: treatment can include removal of tonsils and adenoids, and a special machine known as a cpap. >> other types of cardiovascular disease, so we also worry that children who
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are left untreated my develop those longer-term consequences. >> after having hercantles and adenoids -- or tonsils and adenoids removed, the difference is day and night. >> now children who have sleep apnea also tend to sweat a lot at night. experts say that's because they are working harder to breathe. if your child is showing symptoms, it's importance to contact your pediatrician. it starts as an accident, and then a small fire moves through your house and deadly. >> 40% are caused by kitchen fires. >> what you need to know to pay closer attention to the next time you cook dinner for your family. >> take a look on our app, nothing going on right now. it's 54 but if you go a bit to the south and east, it's still
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62. it's going to cool down. your full forecast is coming up. >> you have your ipad, new iphone and now a look at apple's latest must have gadget. but first we go back to new york and check in with jamie. bad news and it's not good for the os. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything.
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let's take you back to the bronx. the score has been 3-2, bottom of the 12th. what a game, they fought hard tonight. >> bottom of the 9th he was pinch hitting for a-rod and then leading it off against brian madus, he clubs his second home run. it's all over, the yankees win 3-2 and now they take a 2-1 lead in this best of five. now they have to win tomorrow
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and friday to advance to the chammianship series. -- championship series. here are they are again. 3-2. jamie costello live in the bronx. >> thanks a lot jamie. well, as weather gets cooler and the time comes to warm up your home, abc2news is working for you with some of the most common causes of house fires. it is national fire prevention week. and we explain how we can keep your home from going up in flames. >> reporter: this demonstration at the consumer products safety commission lab shows how a small fire can turn potentially deadly quickly. mew numbers released by the cpsc estimate there are almost 367 unintentional house fires
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annually. that leads to more than 12,000 injuries and $7 billion in apartment damage. the most calm -- property damage. the most common cause, the kitchen. a toppled bag of groceries on a stovetop can go up in flames. >> never leave your kitchen while you're cooking. if you do that you will readies the hazard sig --reduce the hazard significantly. >> it's a good idea to have home heating equipment, fire places and chimneys the expected by a professional once per year. check smoke alarm batteries regularly and have a escape house in case of emergency. your family could be in
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danger. if you replaced your airbags in the past three years, the highway administration says your airbags could be fake. they can be expensive ranging from 7 to $800, but criminals have been selling them for a fraction of that cost. they could fail to deploy and even hurt you and your family in a crash. they may use imitation bumpers, but never airbags. >> i hardly never use a factory -- i only use it new from the dealer. they want to use them. and they're out there on the market. i could order one and have it here tomorrow. the problem is i have no idea the condition of the airbag. >> if you had them replaced, experts recommend you contact your car manufacturer. >> chrismer is just around --
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christmas is just around the corner, but if you want to buy the latest and greatest gadget, how about an ipad mini. >> for get the -- forget the iphone 5, what more people will want to see is apples upcoming ipad mini. and pictures so a working model that's expected in time for the holiday shopping season. >> someone holding a working small ipad in their hand. this comes from china. it looks similar to the current ipad with cameras on the front and back. it appears to be about two to three inches smaller in diameter. similar to an amazon kindle or other tablets. it's expected to go on sale around november 1st.
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it will cost about $200 less than the ipad, making it an ideal holiday gift for many families. the ipad mini has a small lightning connector just like the iphone 5, meaning it will not fit current chargers and docks. go to our web page, and click on the money tab at top so you don't waste your money. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's take you back earlier this afternoon it was a nice day. look at parkville, a mixture of some sun shine and clouds, temperatures getting to the 70 mark. still a blend of stars and clouds out there and at 11:00 the airport reports 54 degrees. hew hidty at -- humidity at 64. that will be dropping off some.
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69 today, á68 east and most temperatures ranging from 60s to 70 dees. -- degrees. we should be around 68 this time of year. record was 89 set back in '54. we stay in the 50s and we'll be falling into the mid-to-upper mid to 40s. -- mid-to-upper40s. take a look. we have a bid of a wind shift -- bit of a wind shift going on. the winds are funneling in some cooler air. in fact you note the clouds are going to decrease and that's going to allow for cooling to take shape for the overnight. 43, waking up with some don't
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sunshine. right around the -- decent sunshine. we'll be in the low 60s for your daytime high. we had a few spotty showers outside of town, but those have cleared up. there are some showers near the new york pennsylvania line, but those will be clearing out. another front swinging in here on friday from the northern plains. it's dry but it's going to bring some cooler air. get ready. the temperatures are going to start to come down some into the 40s, into the 30s. this is the cooler air that will be coming in over the next 24 hours. so for your day tomorrow, high pressure in control. mainly sunny skies. the effective sunshine, we -- ineffective sunshine, we call it. , by the win, the tropics --
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way, the tropics are straughting to heat up. -- starting to heat up. some of the models are picking up on some interest over the caribbean. if you have a trip, keep it locked on channel 2. maryland's most accurate forecast calling for mainly clear skies tonight, 45 degrees. tomorrownectomy, chilly -- night, chilly 41 degrees. 63 for friday, down to the 40s and 30s friday night into saturday. saturday starts chilly and then we will see some warmer conditions on sunday with 73 degrees. milder for monday. temperature at 73. >> thanks a lot. we're going to check out jamie again in new york.
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hopefully he's all right. but let's look at what's coming up on nightline. >> first mome talks life on -- michelle obama talks life on the trail. plus we fly high with one ground-breaking fighter pilot. that's right after you. >> abc2news works for you with special coverage with the maryland race for the cure. don't miss this special live sunday october 21st at 7 a.m. . part of our commit to fighting breast cancer.
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david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
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all right. the orioles lose this one. a tough one, time score 3-2. the first time they have lost in 16 straight games. let's show the highlights.
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we came up to do the live shot at eleven. and i ran inside after the eleven and i got inside just in time to see that ball and raul. what a tough loss for the orioles. >> in the bottom of the 12th he tied it up and in the bottom of the 9th pinch hitting for a- rod. >> i feel like i've been doing the same live shot all week. i keep saying the orioles when are they going to do things the easy way. never. they were two from going up in the series, now they have to come back and win two in a row. >> we're live from yankee stadium and we'll see you tomorrow.
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i wouldn't want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, so i shouldn't deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. i support this law because it doesn't force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6.
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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